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Latest Post by: bappy_ashraf / Active Member

hello all,I have newly created my Odesk account. Only after two days of crating my account I got suspended due to some profile related... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
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15m ago
Latest Post by: somi007 / Active Member

Hello, I'm here since September 2011 and logging back to Odesk time and again. I've even scored above average on the tests I took. Right now... see post

Posted in: Pakistan
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41m ago
Latest Post by: jbauti / Active Member

I'd like to know how odesk responds and takes care of scams like this. I just wasted my time with a couple of people talking about a gig i... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
3 Replies
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2 hours ago
Latest Post by: mikas_bog / Ace Contributor

Did you notice that when you take a look at the list of freelancers who applied for a job and slide your mouse cursor and place it on one of... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
9 Replies
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3 hours ago
Latest Post by: elbiggus / Power Member

I was expecting to be greeted this morning with the new and "improved" connects, but I suppose with the weasel words "as early as the... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
4 Replies
7 Kudos

6 hours ago
Latest Post by: sheikhn / Power Member

I'm starting a business as a combination of fiverr and 99designs. Please let me know what do you think about the idea. Also I've researched... see post
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Latest Post by: tsevan / Active Member

Hi all! Is there any of this community members, who translated the current version of User Agreement to Russian language (I'm... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
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01:17 PM
Latest Post by: dayire / Power Member

Hello, I have ubuntu 12.04 LTS also, same problem with the new version of oDesk team App. Worked one hour and there is no billing... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
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09:38 AM
Latest Post by: lizardman / Active Member

Hi everyone,I wanted to share a few suggestions I have.It seems to me that what is needed is for oDesk to make it easier for good freelancers... see post

Posted in: Freelancers
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07:11 AM
Latest Post by: whogg72 / Community Leader

Do you have the same questions as both a freelancer and client when closing a contract?

Posted in: Freelancers
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12:52 PM